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1. "Artem" in Latin means art.

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Radio Artem is begin deur André Kriel in Mei 2018 sodat kuns in klank gehoor kan word. LUISTER NA DIE KUNS. 

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IMAGINE Film Poster Portrait.640

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Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow And All Music Has Disappeared, 22nd October (2015)

1 hour 23 min / Music documentary 
Directed by Stefan Schwietert 
Featuring Bill Drummond and John Hirst 
Still photography Tracey Moberly

Along with stills photography, Tracey was involved in many other aspects of the making of this film with art direction taken from her stills concepts.

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and all music has disappeared. Just like that. What will remain when it is all gone: Cd's, iPods, instruments? When we don't know anymore what it was: music? He shows it to us: Bill Drummond, the man who with The KLF once conquered the world of pop. An anarchic spirit, an eternal punk who now leads the largest choir of the world: The17, an ever changing ensemble of amateurs with no sheets of music and no rehearsals. Stefan Schwietert (Echoes of Home) accompanies Drummond as he finds new voices for his choir: in the open fields or in a factory, in a class room or in a pub. It is a journey to point zero of music. So we can innocently invent it again. Together, in this moment. Written by Maximage

Athens International Film Festival 2015 
Golden Athena 
Music & Film 
Stefan Schwietert

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015


 Die Wasgoedlyn TSHIRT EXAMPLE Kak Mense

Die Wasgoedlyn - Klik hier en koop die T-hemp !


The 17 was founded by Bill Drummond. The Silent 60 is the echo by 

Radio Artem invites 60 participants to join an universal virtual choir. 

Each participant records 1 minute in mp3 format of humming only 1 note in his/her voice.

A recording of 60 voices in 60 minutes will be aired from 01/01/2019.

The recording will be aired on the 1st day of every month for 60 months.

After 60 months the recording will stop and never be played again.

The recording will only be in the memory of the 60 participants.

It will be known as The Silent 60

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for participation.

Stephen Clarke 2008 score

Stephen Clarke's 2008 score wtitten for The 17

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trollie vol bagasie

olike straatkind wat maar net hier is
jonk,skraal met 'n lyf wat al ryp is
drentel in die strate af
iewers bly ‘n hond aanhoudend blaf
bakhand vra die kind weer ‘n paar sente
die winter is verby,dank God dit raak lente
onder ‘n bos in ‘n munisipale tuin
lê hy opgekrul en ruik na goedkoop wyn
sy kleure stukkend en hare vuil
hy krap in ‘n sak en wil net huil
op ‘n vullisdrom staan ‘n sak met brood
‘n samaritaan gee dit uit nood
gee dit vir die arme bergie
die brood ruik muf maar dis nie te erg nie
in die donker en in die reën
ploeter hy voort en stoksiel alleen
waar sal hy sy lot vind
hy bly tog net ‘n arme kind
sy lewe gaan om oorlewing sonder enige inspirasie
hy het niks behalwe 'n trollie vol bagasie

- André Kriel

                                                                                                                                   Clan icon